Reload the arbiter or a watcher

This command reload all the process in a watcher or all watchers. If a the option send_hup is set to true in a watcher then the HUP signal will be sent to the process.A graceful reload follow the following process:

  1. Send a SIGQUIT signal to a process
  2. Wait until graceful timeout
  3. Send a SIGKILL signal to the process to make sure it is finally killed.

ZMQ Message

    "command": "reload",
    "propeties": {
        "name": '<name>",
        "graceful": true

The response return the status “ok”. If the property graceful is set to true the processes will be exited gracefully.

If the property name is present, then the reload will be applied to the watcher.

Command line

$ circusctl reload [<name>] [--terminate]


  • <name>: name of the watcher
  • –terminate; quit the node immediately