Get the value of a watcher option

This command return the watchers options values asked.

ZMQ Message

    "command": "options",
    "properties": {
        "name": "nameofwatcher",

A message contains 1 property:

  • name: name of watcher

The response return an object with a property “options” containing a dictionary of key/value returned by circus.


    "status": "ok",
    "options": {
        "flapping_window": 1,
        "flapping_attempts": 2,
    time': 1332202594.754644

Command line

$ circusctl options <name>


  • <name>: name of the watcher

Options Keys are:

  • numprocesses: integer, number of processes
  • warmup_delay: integer or number, delay to wait between process spawning in seconds
  • working_dir: string, directory where the process will be executed
  • uid: string or integer, user ID used to launch the process
  • gid: string or integer, group ID used to launch the process
  • send_hup: boolean, if TRU the signal HUP will be used on reload
  • shell: boolean, will run the command in the shell environment if true
  • cmd: string, The command line used to launch the process
  • env: object, define the environnement in which the process will be launch
  • flapping_attempts: integer, number of times we try to relaunch a process in the flapping_window time before we stop the watcher during the retry_in time.
  • flapping_window: integer or number, times in seconds in which we test the number of process restart.
  • retry_in: integer or number, time in seconds we wait before we retry to launch the process if the maximum number of attempts has been reach.
  • max_retry: integer, The maximum of retries loops
  • graceful_timeout: integer or number, time we wait before we definitely kill a process.
  • priority: used to sort watchers in the arbiter
  • singleton: if True, a singleton watcher.
  • max_age: time a process can live before being restarted
  • max_age_variance: variable additional time to live, avoids stampeding herd.