Suscribe to a watcher event


At any moment you can suscribe to circus event. Circus provide a PUB/SUB feed on which any clients can suscribe. The suscriber endpoint URI is set in the circus.ini configuration file.

Events are pubsub topics:

Events are pubsub topics:

  • watcher.<watchername>.reap: when a process is reaped
  • watcher.<watchername>.spawn: when a process is spawned
  • watcher.<watchername>.kill: when a process is killed
  • watcher.<watchername>.updated: when watcher configuration is updated
  • watcher.<watchername>.stop: when a watcher is stopped
  • watcher.<watchername>.start: when a watcher is started

All events messages are in a json.

Command line

The client has been updated to provide a simple way to listen on the events:

circusctl list [<topic>, ...]

Example of result:

$ circusctl listen tcp://
watcher.refuge.spawn: {u'process_id': 6, u'process_pid': 72976,
                       u'time': 1331681080.985104}
watcher.refuge.spawn: {u'process_id': 7, u'process_pid': 72995,
                       u'time': 1331681086.208542}
watcher.refuge.spawn: {u'process_id': 8, u'process_pid': 73014,
                       u'time': 1331681091.427005}