Add a watcher

This command add a watcher dynamically to a arbiter.

ZMQ Message

    "command": "add",
    "properties": {
        "cmd": "/path/to/commandline --option"
        "name": "nameofwatcher"
        "args": [],
        "options": {},
        "start": false

A message contains 2 properties:

  • cmd: Full command line to execute in a process
  • args: array, arguments passed to the command (optional)
  • name: name of watcher
  • options: options of a watcher
  • start: start the watcher after the creation

The response return a status “ok”.

Command line

$ circusctl add [--start] <name> <cmd>


  • <name>: name of the watcher to create
  • <cmd>: full command line to execute in a process
  • –start: start the watcher immediately

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