Get circusd stats

You can get at any time some statistics about circusd with the dstat command.

ZMQ Message

To get the circusd stats, simply run:

    "command": "dstats"

The response returns a mapping the property “infos” containing some process informations:

  "info": {
    "children": [],
    "cmdline": "python",
    "cpu": 0.1,
    "ctime": "0:00.41",
    "mem": 0.1,
    "mem_info1": "3M",
    "mem_info2": "2G",
    "nice": 0,
    "pid": 47864,
    "username": "root"
  "status": "ok",
  "time": 1332265655.897085

Command Line

$ circusctl dstats

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