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circus-top is a top-like console you can run to watch live your running Circus system. It will display the CPU and Memory usage.

Example of output:

 PID                 CPU (%)             MEMORY (%)
14252                 0.8                 0.4
                      0.8 (avg)           0.4 (sum)

 PID                 CPU (%)             MEMORY (%)
14257                 78.6                0.1
14256                 76.6                0.1
14258                 74.3                0.1
14260                 71.4                0.1
14259                 70.7                0.1
                      74.32 (avg)         0.5 (sum)


circus-top is a read-only console. If you want to interact with the system, use circusctl.


circusctl can be used to run any command listed below. For example, you can get a list of all the watchers:

$ circusctl list

circusctl is just a zeromq client, and if needed you can drive programmaticaly the Circus system by writing your own zmq client.

All messages are Json mappings.

For each command below, we provide a usage example with circusctl but also the input / output zmq messages.

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