circusd man page


circusd [options] [config]


circusd is the main process of the Circus architecture. It takes care of running all the processes. Each process managed by Circus is a child process of circusd.


config:configuration file


-h, –help:Show the help message and exit
–log-level LEVEL:
 Specify the log level. LEVEL can be info, debug, critical, warning or error.
–log-output LOGOUTPUT:
 The location where the logs will be written. The default behavior is to write to stdout (you can force it by passing ‘-’ to this option). Takes a filename otherwise.
–logger-config LOGGERCONFIG:
 The location where a standard Python logger configuration INI, JSON or YAML file can be found. This can be used to override the default logging configuration for the arbiter.
–daemon:Start circusd in the background.
–pidfile PIDFILE:
 The location of the PID file.
–version:Displays Circus version and exits.

See also

circus (1), circusctl (1), circusd-stats (1), circus-plugin (1), circus-top (1).

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