Circus for Ops


By default, Circus doesn’t secure its messages when sending information through ZeroMQ. Before running Circus in a production environment, make sure to read the Security page.

The first step to manage a Circus daemon is to write its configuration file. See Configuration. If you are deploying a web stack, have a look at Working with sockets.

Circus can be deployed using Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.2 or 3.3 - most deployments out there are done in 2.7. To learn how to deploy Circus, check out Deployment.

To manage a Circus daemon, you should get familiar with the list of Commands you can use in circusctl. Notice that you can have the same help online when you run circusctl as a shell.

We also provide circus-top, see CLI tools and a nice web dashboard. see The Web Console.

Last, to get the most out of Circus, make sure to check out how to use plugins and hooks. See Using built-in plugins and Hooks.